Embracing Me is an opportunity for us to connect with ourselves...learning to embrace the God within. The post that I share with you are very real. The experiences of my life (whether good, bad or indifferent) sought to develop me into a Woman who honors the God that dwells inside of me.

For over 10 years I fought against sharing my life's experiences with the world but I also neglected to fully share my gifts. You may ask why I denied myself to live and the answer is fear! After relinquishing the fear of my own thoughts as well as the thoughts of others I have decided to do and be all that God has ordained. He chose me to share my testimonies through songs, poetry, short stories and encouraging words.

I invite you to travel with me as I journey into yet another fearful place, seeking to please the Father while providing healing, restoration and inspiration as chosen. It is my hope that these words will improve your daily living.

My charge to you: Think Well. Do Well. Speak Well. Be Well. Live Well.

"For as the rain and snow come down from the heavens, and return not there again, but water the earth and make it bring forth and sprout, that it may give seed to the sower and bread to the eater, So shall My word be that goes forth out of My mouth: it shall not return to Me void but it shall accomplish that which I please and purpose, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it." - Isaiah 55:10-11

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Not Free until broken...

While lying in the bed this morning I had a gentle reminder of a meditation shared on the prayer line in November of 2011 and again June 2012. My first thought was, “Why? Why broken?” and I heard this, “Pressure means God desires to pull something out in order to pour something greater in”.  I smiled at the thought and took a glance over my life remembering pressures have always produced something greater in me – FAITH – a steadfastness and persistence that I cannot describe with words. Sadness, remorse, frustration, need, the appearance of emptiness and even anger causes me to search for a truth beyond what my eyes can see and even beyond what my heart feels.  Brokenness causes me to introspectively study myself – the “why I do what I do”. 

As I continued laying, thinking, meditating, praying and questioning, the Spirit of the Lord spoke back to me saying:

Where is your humility?

Where is your praise?

Where is your faith?

Where is your hope?

Where is your trust?

Again I ask you, where is your praise?

Where is your lowliness?

Where is your determination?

Where is your steadfastness?

Where is your joy?

Where is your love?

Where is your heart?

Your praise, where is your praise?

Where is your mind?

Where is your forgiveness?

Where is your fasting?

Where is your worship?

Where is your focus?

Where is your honor?

Where is your press?

To whom does all glory belong? 

As I continued lying there, listening, receiving, being ministered to, I heard this:

“Where, where, where, oh where are all these things? Let me tell you where they are: they are tied up. They are bound – all desiring to be free, right now, in this moment, at the same time. But you cannot be loosed and freed standing in your own might, hardened, turned away, seeking wholeness in that which is not from The Whole. You cannot avoid my will for your life because “LIFE” keeps happening. You cannot turn these things on and off. 

Surrender your heart and all your thoughts to me again this day. Allow your brokenness – be it your broken heart, your broken thoughts, your broken body, your broken family, your broken finances, your broken vision, your broken state of being – surrender and allow me, your God, the one who loves you, to mend your brokenness! Your brokenness, your vulnerability, your weaknesses, keeps YOU coming to me for guidance. They keep you reliant and dependent on me and not dependent on the world, its systems, order or functions – neither dependent on your humanness.  

Nothing – not your faith, your love, peace, joy, hope, worship, praise – NOTHING will be freed, released, set free until you ARE broken. Do you know why? Because the God you speak with in tears desires every part of you, not just pieces of you.  I, your God, desire your uninhibited worship without restraint – regardless of life’s ever changing situations and circumstances. I want your good and bad, pains and hurts, successes and failures, highs and lows – I want ALL of you!

So get broken, get so broken that you cry, get so broken that you grow weary, and get so broken that you question everything – Why??? Because it’s in your state of brokenness that I, your strong and mighty God can reveal my glory to, in and through you!  In your brokenness, I am able to prune, pick, pluck, pour and produce what I desire for you.

You are my beloved child. I am NOT far from you but instead – I am always near. Closer in your broken times than you realize so keep searching yourself, keep looking at your own heart, keep coming to me with each question, all your tears and every fear.  Your brokenness allows me to continuously shape you, make you, mold and sculpt you. Your brokenness produces a greater perspective of me, your life’s purpose, greater love, more hope, deeper compassion, the ability to forgive over and over again, the openness to help others in need, faith to believe me at my word and to act on that which you believe! KNOW I am here and will never leave you nor forsake you”.

Essentially, what I heard this morning was that true freedom – ultimate liberation comes from my ability to NOT look at being broken (be it a moment or many moments) as bad or horrible but instead, to embrace my broken state so that I may allow true healing, development and constant continual growth. I am encouraged this morning to allow the pressures that lead to brokenness to develop this diamond into a priceless and rather rare gem and I pray you do the same.

Father God in heaven, the one who was, who is and is to come, my strength, my provider, my shield and my rock; hear me this day as I simply thank you for holding me, caring for me, and loving me unconditionally. Break me simply to mend me for Your glory. Help me to believe even in weariness and rough times that You are still God, on the throne. Help me to do Your will despite my fleshly insistence to do things my way. Help me NOT try to avoid brokenness but to trust that even the pain is working together for good. Thank You for granting me the security to be vulnerable.  Thank You for creating in me a clean heart and for granting me a renewed spirit. In You do I trust and submit this prayer humbly, In Christ name, Amen

Monday, May 6, 2013

Baggage & Boundaries (Part III)


Much like interviewees Marcell "The Voice" Russell and Ama "Sacred Woman" Chandra, many have expressed similar sentiments regarding the  Baggage & Boundaries of and in relationships.

For me, introspection is key to growth, expansion, development and totally embracing oneself. Still, I believe maturation comes from our own experiences and those lessons we learn from those who come before us.  My mother, the late Barbara A. Whitaker-Jones always told me to never say never but at some point since she transitioned I've found myself speaking exactly that.  

Only after careful thought, consideration and the awakening of my soul, where the conscious and unconscious both met and collided, did it become necessary for me to create a standard to live by.  This sort of growth requires the affirmative over the negatives of never. 

So here I share: The Embracing Me "Bible" (so to speak), which are simple reminders of the do's and don'ts according to life lessons and experiences regarding baggage and boundaries. They have shaped my outlook and developed my character. They have helped me to live, love, laugh and especially know when its time to let go. They have taught me to embrace all the more, everything that makes me, ME...the broken places and empty spaces, the ups and downs, the love I pour and each of my downfalls and dislikes. 

I pray these affirmations groom, grow and guide you as you journey on, Embracing everything that makes you, YOU!


  • Trust God more than anyone or anything else  
  • Know that you are a gift containing many gifts - one major gift being LOVE 
  • Take your time, do not rush into anything or allow yourself to be led astray by impulse 

  • Avoid the faint whisper of another who seeks to quiet the scream of your inner voice which in turn desires peace

  • Allow your brightly lit flame to shine, glow, and grow - always recognizing when other energy seeks to smother your flame 
  • Believe in, love and share your gifts and talents regardless of other's belief in you or envy/jealousy of you  
  • Dignity and self respect denotes security and a deep love for oneself - Do not compromise  
  • Seeking wise counsel does not make you stupid - it makes you wiser  
  • Remember, potential is just that - actions matter most - Do not settle
  • Do not allow the idea of love, the need for companionship or constant loneliness to dictate your actions - Be happy with you
  • Remain level-headed with eyes open, mind alert, heart shielded and ears in tune to your inner spirit which makes you aware of wolves in sheep's clothing 
  • Be open to change, growth and development but know the difference between someone trying to change you and someone aiding to your advancement
  • Know you are valuable - Not someones scape goat, whipping post or dumping ground  
  • You are NOT a victim nor are you your circumstances so live victoriously
  • Eagerly await and openly embrace life's daily lessons 
  • Fight for what you want - know that there is no such thing as a perfect person or perfect relationship - YOU determine the success of your partnership so work for it 
  • Pointing the finger never works - own your flaws 
  • Rid yourself of your own mental and emotional garbage - No one else can do that for you
  • Know yourself well enough to set your own boundaries 

Remember, baggage will blind you. Know yourself enough to know when to ask for help.  This includes spiritual counseling as well as mental health counseling. 

Feel free to leave a comment to contribute valuable life lessons, experiences, knowledge and uplifting affirmations for individuals as well as couples. Blessings of love

Baggage & Boundaries (Part I) - Featuring Marcell Russell 

Baggage & Boundaries (Part II) - Featuring Ama Chandra

Baggage & Boundaries (Part II)

In part I of Baggage & Boundaries, Marcell "The Voice" Russell poured out light, love and healing with his words as well as his music.  Here in part II of Baggage & Boundaries, gifted singer, songwriter, world leader and sacred woman, Ama Chandra provides insight to enlighten the masses regarding the baggage and boundaries in and of relationships. 

In this interview she allowed herself to openly express the vulnerability she felt after divorce and a few broken relationships.  In doing so, Ama describes her experiences with the baggage she allowed to enter her sacred space, the baggage she carried from  relationship to relationship and also the establishment of boundaries after each place of growth. 

"Many women, even those on the path of self-actualization, like myself, at the core, simply don't feel loved or lovable because our parents didn't necessarily get "IT" (loving us) right.  This leads to us accepting things we shouldn't.  For instance, I am so trusting and because of that I have often been manipulated.   
So I agree, many of us carry baggage from past trauma's.  We have been conditioned towards pain, blame and judgment.  So we sort of expect that.  People will do anything to justify their behaviors - especially women because many of us are used to being victims.   
As a woman and mother, I have learned, through the course of time that I must take care of self and that includes; knowing my worth, trusting "The Spirit" as well as trusting myself.  I have learned to read the signs - when someone reveals themselves, I trust what they divulge. 
So I reclaim my worth with statements of power and purpose that affirm me such as; Anyone who is not for my highest good is released to their highest good immediately and effortlessly and other affirmations such as; Love flows in and through me effortlessly. I am love. I receive love. I radiate love. I BE LOVE",  beautiful songstress, Ama proclaimed. 
Sacred woman Ama Chandra continued sharing the negative self talk males and females often have after engaging in a distressing relationship with these words, 
"This (negativity) does not have to be the case. Releasing something or someone that is not good for you does not have to be met with struggle and strife. We can choose to be at peace which takes practice". 
Finally, Ama says she remains positive in her outlook towards partnership. Although she no longer relies on the "check list" method to guide, acquire or inform her relationship choices and decisions, Ama does remain open to a complimentary, spiritually grounded, supportive, man, partner and mate who is protective, kind, masculine, artistic and ready to love her and her children. 

Each encounter in our lives is an opportunity to grow. Thank you Ama Chandra for your insightful perspective and especially for those powerful affirmations that release positive energy back into the atmosphere.

Enjoy the melodious Ama Chandra as she shares an affirmation of love with her song "Love is Where You Are"  as well as one of my favorites "Free" which describes the release of pain and baggage while setting boundaries in order to reclaim peace and balance.

Here are links to connect to this Beautiful instrument and gently loving woman:

Beautiful Melodies by Ama Chandra

Twitter @Amachandra 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Baggage & Boundaries (Part 1)

What I've learned regarding relationship is most people want partnership without commitment. However, relationship requires an investment that is more than finances, more than an emotional commitment - it's a true connection, it's spiritual. Relationship requires communication, honesty, respect and so much more. Relationships require a fortified foundation. However, far too many of us carry around baggage from relationship to relationship often stemming from a void at some point in our childhood experiences. Before engaging in relationship/partnership, one must Know thyself!
Marcell "The Voice" Russell's, album, "The Serenade & The Sermon" coming 2013, speaks to pure love and authentic relationship beginning with self. After an interview with Marcell regarding his album and relationship, here is what he had to say:

Honestly, in the beginning the scriptures inspired most of my music as well as wanting to address issues in my own walk with God. Then other peoples stories were a bit infused. Next were the ups & downs from a past relationship that had me question so much about my faith. Finally, Vanessa, my amazing wife inspired the last stage of writing and producing this album.
When asked to explain the components of a successful relationship Marcell stated the following:
Dating today means testing someone out sexually, emotional, etc… looking for all the guarantees before you commit. That’s a horrible way to “date” especially when sex is involved. I’m not a fan of dating without a purpose of marriage. In fact it’s no where in the bible that anyone dated, they courted only.
I think should you do two things: 
1. Work everyday to become what you would desire from someone else; it can help keep you reasonable, grounded, humble and clear in your desires 
2. Search the scriptures and grab four scriptures that define your philosophy around love, friendship and marriage. Why? So often I meet religious men and women that can’t give me or anyone one scripture that guides the way they love or befriend people. We can just often rely on our upbringing and think we learned love from the perspective of the one who created love, friendship and marriage in the first place.
Unsure of why people stay in confining, restrictive, abusive, non-beneficial relationships, Marcell says:
To be honest I cannot speak for everyone but from my minimal experience it seems we want what is most familiar more then what is best. It can take years for a person to go from being an employee to a boss or from a boss to an actual entrepreneur because we often do what was taught to us and what we are familiar with. 
It’s the same things in relationships if I was never allowed to share my true emotions in my family, if I saw very little apologizing, if I was defensive even if I was wrong, if I saw a lot of manipulation growing then I’m familiar with that. 
But, if I heard grown ups being humble, being honest about the need for affection, talking through hurts and pains, and openly expressing desires then I am familiar with that. 
It can take folks years to break out of what is familiar verses what is best, genuine and healthy.
When asked to describe what knows about himself that makes him better at being a husband he expresses the following:
Well, I think what gives me a shot at being better is I know how much I need the bible to even remotely love my wife the way I’m called to. My wife only benefits from my walk with God. Love is defined in the word so I would be a crazy man to “love” my own way when love is a God product. I have to pray a lot and read the bible, otherwise I have too many examples of conflicting views on how to love my wife…Disney movies, my parents, TV, friends, radio, r&b music, hip-hop. I work hard to stick with the one who created marriage in the first place.
Marcell shares this advice for people having a problem with boundaries in relationships:
Oh wow, discussing boundaries is very hard for me, very hard. 
I learned true love IS boundaries. Thank God I’m married because I would never date any woman with no boundaries. 
Men and women with no boundaries leave all their desires, happiness, direction etc… on someone elses shoulders and get angry when the other person hasn’t “guessed” their needs and desires correctly. People with no boundaries are reckless and abusive...that's just my perspective. 
I say all the time “expectations that are not agreed upon by the opposite party is the beginning of an abusive relationship”. If you like a woman to call you right after work but you never say it but it creates an issues in your heart at some point … that is abusive you didn’t even give her a chance to meet the need or reject it. If you like for a man to buy you flowers but you never shared that in hopes he would ask or guess without you saying “I love flowers as a gift” but you tell your girlfriends “He still hasn’t bought me flowers, you know how I feel about that” that is abusive, you never gave him the chance to accept or reject your desires. 
Now after you share the things you desire and things you don’t feel comfortable with and they still blow it off well, they are telling you what you have in my opinion. Boundaries are huge to me.
Marcell's new video "Baggage" as well as the entire album "The Serenade & The Sermon" conveys his deepest thoughts regarding baggage, boundaries and the blessings of love. 

Marcell "The Voice" Russell, thank you for your contributions to the music industry, to relationships, love, self-awareness and especially God! 

Click to learn more  Marcell Russell

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Best part of me

I want the best part of me not only to exist but also to live. However, most times I am taken back by the egregious sights witnessed daily, be it, senseless murders, brutal assaults, streets filled with drug abusers, volatile young people appearing to have no care in the world, leaders abusing both power and position or pockets of homeless persons around every corner.  

Time and again, my family tells me that I wear my heart on my sleeve, often allowing the sights to penetrate my soul to a point of sorrow.  Admittedly, I am beyond crushed when I see these sights.  Equally, I am hurt when others are hurting.  I used to think this was bad so I tried being less sensitive, tried closing my eyes, tried not to feel so deeply; but that simply is not my genetic or spiritual make-up.  I don't have to carry the burdens of the world but me being able to feel allows me to extend compassion, encouragement, wisdom, love and support.  The best part of me is that I love in an uninhibited manner - I am living out the word and I am all right with that!

I thought about all this and tried to understand it. I saw that God controls good people and wise people and what they do, but no one knows if they will experience love or hate.  Good and bad people end up the same - those who are right and those who are wrong, those who are good and those who are evil, those who are clean and those who are unclean, those who sacrifice and those who do not. The same things happen to a good person as happen to a sinner, to a person who makes promises to God and to one who does not.
This is something wrong that happens here on earth: What happens to one happens to all. So people's minds are full of evil and foolish thoughts while they live.  After that, they join the dead. But anyone still alive has hope; even a live dog is better off than a dead lion!
The living know they will die, but the dead know nothing.  Dead people have no more reward, and people forget them.  After people are dead, they can no longer love or hate or envy.  They will never again share in what happens here on earth.
So go eat your food and enjoy it; drink your wine and be happy, because that is what God wants you to do.  Put on nice clothes and make yourself look good.  Enjoy life with the wife you love.  Enjoy all the useless days of this useless life God has given you here on earth, because it is all you have.  So enjoy the work you do here on earth.
Whatever work you do, do your best, because you are going to the grave, where there is no working, no planning, no knowledge, and no wisdom.
~ Ecclesiastes 9:1-10
We know that we live in him and he lives in us because he has given us his spirit
~ John 4:13 GWT
In His hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind
~ Job 12:10
So be very careful how you live.  Do not live like those who are not wise, but live wisely
~ Ephesians 5:15
For if we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord
~ Romans 14:8 NIV
Lord thank you for a new day full of endless mercies. Thank you for the lessons you continue to teach me each day. Thank you Lord for allowing my spiritual eyes to open. Thank you for your compassion that I may extend the same to my brothers and sisters here on earth. Thank you for loving me. Now God, help me to embrace each moment in this life. Grant me peace, joy and continued faith despite what my physical eyes perceive. Thank you Father for the beauty and gift of a life. In Christ name, Amen

Saturday, April 20, 2013

All Glory to God

Great day everyone! May this combination of God's word from various scriptures feed your soul, ignite a passion in you for living TODAY, encourage you to run on and remind you to give God all Glory.

This is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it! For, excellent is the Lord our God. He alone is worthy of our praise. Magnify the Lord with me, let us exalt His name together. 

Our souls makes its boast in the Lord. The Lord is our rock and fortress in Him will we trust. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. The earth is the Lords and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein. Blessed be the Rock of salvation for He is strong and mighty. The Lord God be exalted in all things! He reigns over the heavens and the earth.

We lift up our heads allowing the King of glory, who is Sovereign to come in. We extol thee O Lord. We worship and adore you. Lord we wait on you as you deliver us from unrighteousness. Lord, You alone preserve the faithful. We praise you for we know praise from the upright is beautiful.

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good. The Lord our God is Holy! He is the Great I AM. Yahweh the provider, sustains.  The Lord is merciful and glorious. Delight in the abundance of God's peace. Selah

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mounds, Mountains & Motivation

Many of us pitter-patter through life, barely making it over mounds (the little stuff - heartache, financial challenges, momentary frustration, etc) and certainly many of us approach the mountains in our lives (the big stuff - death of loved ones, sickness, disease, etc) as if we are already defeated.  The mounds of dirt and mountains we climb (or avoid), should motivate us to live, love and thrive which is more than mere survival. 

Climbing the huge mountains of life has taught me patience, encouraged me to endeavor to reach its peak at all cost and has endowed me with wisdom, strength, persistence, increased faith and the ability to embrace me as I journey upwards!

Below are inspirational quotes to help you see beyond the mounds and mountains and live continuously Embracing YOU!!! As you are beautifully and wonderfully made. Embrace every moment; it matters!
"Do not dwell on what appears to be failure too long; it was necessary for your growth and the development of your character.  Take the lessons and move on"
~ Stacie J. Whitaker-Harris
"Through perseverance many people win success out of what seemed destined to be certain failure"
~ Benjamin Disraeli
"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory"
~ Theodor Geisell
"Don't let your failures define you -- let them teach you"
~ President Barack Obama

I look up to the mountains - does my help come from there?
My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth!
He will not let you stumble; the one who watches over you will not stumble.

Indeed he who watches over Israel never slumbers or sleeps.
The Lord himself watches over you!
The Lord stands beside you as a protective shade.

The sun will not harm you by day nor the moon at night.
The Lord keeps you from all harm and watches over your life.
The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go,
both now and forever.

Most gracious and loving God my Father, I pray for your continual guidance as I discover the newness in this life journey, embracing me and certainly the God in me, each and every day. In Christ name I pray, Amen


Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Facade: At Odds With God


This is not a facade,
Yes, I truly love my God,
But my skin,
This flesh filled with sin,
Is always at odds with my God

No, it is not God's desire
That my soul should perish in the lake of fire,
He sent His son Jesus Christ the Messiah,
So that we could come to know Him - Go higher,

Rising above our sinful nature
But even with mercy and grace
I still find myself bound by guilt and shame,
What a contradiction, such a disgrace,

Especially since I have an agonizing distaste,
A distaste for the enemy of my soul,
And certainly because God says so,
I'm worth more than diamonds, rubies and gold

Why then do I feel the need to sell my soul,
Bleeding continuously as the truth unfolds,
The enemy believes in casting doubt,
Doubt beginning with my own fears,

He feeds on my anxiety
This is the facade that over shadows our society
My sobriety begins where my love ends,
And my growing hate paves way for revenge

But with whom do I fight
Does the enemy have me bound and at odds
Or is it the distortion of truth fueling my own hidden agenda against my God
Now THAT my love, is the true revealing of a life long facade

"We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, 
but against the rulers, against the authorities, 
against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, 
against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places" 
~ Ephesians 6:12

All to often, many of us feel trapped, confused, frustrated, lost or as if we are fighting against ourselves but I want to remind you that you are God's best! Facades are the working of the enemy to cloud your mind and your vision of self.  We all question our existence, our purpose, our failures and we even feel like we are at odds with God. It's okay to question -- introspection is good for your growth. So take time to look in the mirror of life as well as your own reflection, take the mask off and get real with where you are. If you are hurting, acknowledge it...whatever you feel, recognize it and remember: what's healthy is seeing, hearing, feeling and dealing but what derails is running, hiding, ignoring and down playing. I love you but God loves you best!

Jehovah Jireh, supplier of every need, step into my heart. Expose dark places within me. Enter into my fears and cast them out. Make my failures useful for Your purpose. Cleanse even my reflection so that when I look at myself, I see the evidence of You in all Your splendor. Open my hears to Your soft whispers. Help me to stand with You and not be defensively at odds with You. I want to know You in the beauty of Holiness. Receive me into the shadows of Your wings and cast shadows of doubt and sins residue into the sea of forget fullness. In the precious name of Christ the Messiah I pray with faith, Amen

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Today, take time to pray for someone other than self. So many people are sick, tired and sick & tired. We have far too many ruthless and withdrawn people hurting others because they themselves are hurting. There are many physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and even spiritually ailing folks. Let us as believers agree in faith for the healing of those sick, for the successful integration of returning citizens, for those in need of comfort and those weary souls who are crying out for deliverance. 

People of God! Pray - pray without ceasing. Hear the Lord our God. Pray for the nations of this world, especially America. God may very well love us but He is angry, wants our undivided attention, us to repent, turn, humble and love...really LOVE! Don't get ready, BE ready! 

"I promise that when any two of you on earth agree about something you are praying for, my Father in heaven will do it for you. Whenever two or three of you come together in my name, I am there with you" 
~ Matt 18:18-19 CEV

"If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land"
~ 2 Chronicles 7:14 ESV 
Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.  Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.  Give us t his day our daily bread.  And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen

Building Again

Posted from Wednesday Morning Worship & Word dated 4/3/2013

Most of us are used to an exegesis of the biblical text or rather a critical explanation or interpretation but today I shall not do that.  I am simply going to use the text, comparing it to us and life - providing real life, tangible and relevant word that will leave each of us pondering this thing - this word entitled "Building Again".

It is my prayer that this word is food for your mind, body, spirit and soul.  I pray that it nourishes you.  I pray that it improves you and for some it may release you into a new place.  It may clarify somethings, taking away distortions, faulty thinking or misunderstandings.  I pray you open and avail yourself to a new era, a new way, a new fire, a new breath, a new life and certainly, a new foundation.

"The greatest good you can do for an other is not 
just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own"
~ Benjamin Disraeli

"With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the Lord: “He is good; his love toward Israel endures forever.” And all the people gave a great shout of praise to the Lord, because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid. But many of the older priests and Levites and family heads, who had seen the former temple, wept aloud when they saw the foundation of this temple being laid, while many others shouted for joy.

Do you understand the nature and importance of foundation?
Definition of foundation: (noun)
  • the basis or ground work of anything 
  • the basis for something physical or mental
  • the natural or prepared ground or base on which some structure rests
  • the lowest division of a building, wall, or the like
    (Partly or wholly below the surface of the ground)
  • the act of founding, setting up, establishing
The foundation is also known as the root, reason, ground work, base, infrastructure, nuts and bolts and/or support

You know, when something like a building has been built on faulty grounds, it may not topple quickly/immediately but it is certain to cave in/give way and/or crumble at some point.  Even if the foundation is strong, over time it may grow weak.  Today, I would like for each of us to consider ourselves buildings and also builders.  

However, the only way we will successfully master building another building is to check the foundation that we stand on.  And if we see damage in the foundation, if there are cracks in the infrastructure we must decide whether the damages are mendable or be wise enough, intelligent enough and even courageous enough to bring in the wrecking crew.  

Allow them to totally tear us down and then allow ourselves to trust the Master builder to align our foundation, to fortify our core, to smooth rough surfaces, to totally redesign us, building a more solid and aesthetically resolute building.

This  is our job as Kingdom dwellers:  to build and be built - to be rebuilt and to rebuild.  This is what we do with the church - more specifically, the body of Christ.  We build those who are weary, those who are broken, those who are lost, those who go astray, those seeking redemption and restoration, those falling apart, those crumbling, those with cracks, those burnt out and yes, even us.

Rejoice in the initial formatting and planning of your building! Rejoice in the manufacturing and construction of your building! And yes, even rejoice in the collapse of your building, knowing God himself is the Master builder, always ready to repair and rebuild. No matter what state you are in, God is more than capable of restoring you to a state better than you were previously. Be open to the continuous process of building. Certify and approve the Master Builders presence by simply saying, "God Almighty, the one who alone is the solid rock, it is well. I receive you now and always. Build me AGAIN"

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Focus on God

Focus on God

God wants us to reduce – get back to the basics, simplicity.

Some of us think we need to do a whole lot but the word of God contains specifics about His expectations for and of us.

This may sound redundant. It may not be exciting or charged with emotions but truth is; my life is predicated on my obedience.  Not only to be transparent but to speak the less favorable messages as well as to provide reminders that we each have been called to a place to hear God for ourselves. 

We have been called to choose obedience to the Lord, to a place of repentance and right living, to a place of self-awareness and to know our identity as God’s children.

We have been called to a place of true worship, to tear down altars, called away from idolatry. We have been called to care for the orphans and widows. We have been called to be concerned about our brothers and sisters as keepers.

We have been called to be available month pieces for the Lord.  We have been called to a place of life.  We have been called to a place of growth and maturity.  We have been called to believe God – trust Him and not be weary in well doing nor anxious for anything.  We have been called to forgive and to love.

We are the examples of Christ in the earth.  We ought walk in the fruits of the spirit and keep it simple: “Focus on God and what pleases Him”

Matthew 6:33 NLT
Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously,
and he will give you everything you need

Galatians 5:22-23 NIV
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Most Holy God, humbly I ask You to renew my mind, grant me the consistency necessary to live a life full of devotion, peace, joy, kindness, fortitude, grace, faith, integrity, generosity, passion, balance and discipline to live uninhibited for your glory as I utilize every gift in me and in this life to show love to my brothers and sisters. Help  me to turn off the noise in this  life and to learn to simply sit at your feet. Fill me up with goodness, I pray in Jesus name, Amen

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Death Bed

Death Bed
By Titus Broom
There once was a man that lay breathing heavily on his deathbed.  Friends and family had already been by to say their finale goodbyes, so the man requested to spend his final minutes alone in prayer. The family and friends respecting his request stepped out into the hall closing the door behind them.
The man began to grasp the rails of the bed as he pulled himself up and bowed his head. He spoke saying, “Lord I thank you for the life you have given me and all that you allowed me to do.”
Just then he heard a voice say yeah right, opening up his eyes the man saw, people he didn't recognize surrounding his bed. He asked, “Am I dead?” One of the individuals standing around said no, not yet. We just thought before you did die you needed to be confronted by all that will be dying with you.
The man looked at the faces around the bed in desperation saying I don't understand. One of the individuals standing at the foot of the bed said, “We represent all the wasted time, the words you did not say when you were supposed to, the books you did not write, the love you did not give, the dreams you did not fulfill, the ideas that never got off paper, the forgiveness you would not extend and the promises not kept.”
The man said but I did this and I did not have time to do that, and she wouldn't forgive me so I did not forgive her. Silence, one of the individuals yelled, while pointing a finger into the man’s face, we don't want to die, we want to live, yet we are doomed to be added to the library of endless potential found in cemetery's around the world. The faces of the individuals (potential) showed great anger and then suddenly they disappeared.
The man’s prayer changed from Lord thank you for this and thank you for that, into Lord, I'm so sorry for not using the life you gave me the way you wanted. Then the man and all his potential died.
Question who or what will be around your deathbed? What we do with our lives today, until that day, will determine who is there.  Trust me I know – I've been there twice.
Written by Titus Broom Inspired By a comment he heard Les Brown make. ©2009
Titus Broom lives in Charlotte, NC and is a Motivational Speaker, Writer and Poet
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