Embracing Me is an opportunity for us to connect with ourselves...learning to embrace the God within. The post that I share with you are very real. The experiences of my life (whether good, bad or indifferent) sought to develop me into a Woman who honors the God that dwells inside of me.

For over 10 years I fought against sharing my life's experiences with the world but I also neglected to fully share my gifts. You may ask why I denied myself to live and the answer is fear! After relinquishing the fear of my own thoughts as well as the thoughts of others I have decided to do and be all that God has ordained. He chose me to share my testimonies through songs, poetry, short stories and encouraging words.

I invite you to travel with me as I journey into yet another fearful place, seeking to please the Father while providing healing, restoration and inspiration as chosen. It is my hope that these words will improve your daily living.

My charge to you: Think Well. Do Well. Speak Well. Be Well. Live Well.

"For as the rain and snow come down from the heavens, and return not there again, but water the earth and make it bring forth and sprout, that it may give seed to the sower and bread to the eater, So shall My word be that goes forth out of My mouth: it shall not return to Me void but it shall accomplish that which I please and purpose, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it." - Isaiah 55:10-11

Monday, January 24, 2011


"Yes I Did It"

No matter how many years pass, I clearly hear the voice of my mother saying, "If you don't want any regrets than don't do things that will make you have them...AND, if by chance you mess up, make a bad decision or you get to a place in your life where you JUST DON'T CARE, than accept responsibility for every choice you make and live life with no regrets".

Today as I reflect on the many choices I have made in my life, (and trust me) there are many things that I am not proud of but I'm not afraid to admit that I did them.  I'm sure that much like me; others have wrestled with the thoughts of a purpose-less life so suicide was an option at some point.  I'm certain that I wasn't the only teenager that tried smoking the cigarette butts from my mother’s ashtray.  I'm not the only one that has become so irritated that irrational decisions were made...some, where jail could have been the end result.  I'm positive that I am not the only young woman who lacked self-esteem and self-respect which left me seeking validation between the sheets.  I know for sure I'm not the first, last or only teenage mother.  I'm not the only one who had a failed marriage due to insecurities, lack of trust and infidelities.  I'm not the only one who believed in the fairy tale lifestyle.  In fact, some women are still waiting on that knight in shining amour and the men are awaiting Cinderella's arrival.

Meditation and reflections are important to growth.  Take a moment, or several moments each week and consider where you’ve been and where you are currently.  In doing this you are allowing yourself to acknowledge your mistakes.  Hopefully you aren’t still making the same mistakes again and again but if by chance you are, reflections help you to see what you need to do or stop doing to grow.  They also help you to gain confidence in who you are becoming and why your life is important.  Your eyes are open to clearly see situations as they really were and not as you perceived them in the moment.  It gives you an opportunity to admit to yourself that you hurt someone or that someone hurt you.  Hopefully, you reflect often enough to apologize to people whom you’ve wronged before it’s too late.  

Don’t run from your past.  Embrace each moment as an opportunity to grow. I employ each of you to live life to the fullest each day and do it with no regrets!!!

May your heart and mind be open to reflections of the past in order to bring stability to the present and meaning to your future. - SJWH

Listen as Wisdom calls out!
Hear as understanding raises her voice!
On the hilltop along the road,
She takes her stand at the crossroads.
By the gates at the entrance to the town,
On the road leading in, she cries aloud,
I call to you, to all of you!
I raise my voice to all people.
You simple people, use good judgment.
You foolish people, show some understanding.
Listen to me! For I have important things to tell you.
Everything I say is right, for I speak the truth
And detest every kind of deception.
My advice is wholesome.
There is nothing devious or crooked in it.
My words are plain to anyone with understanding,
Clear to those with knowledge.
Choose my instruction rather than silver,
And knowledge rather than pure gold.
For wisdom is far more valuable than rubies.
Nothing you desire can compare with it.
I, Wisdom, live together with good judgment
- Proverbs 8:1-12

*NOTE: Scripture taken from the New Living Translation of the Bible

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  1. Beautifully said... these words hold power and healing as well as encouragement to those who think it's ONLY THEM.... but that is not so. The blessing is God is able to bless in abundance no matter your story or past pain. We are all Gods Children!!